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We are the world’s leading online bookstore offering a wide variety of Islamic including Urdu, English and Children Educational Books to customers worldwide.

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Our aims to provide a one-stop shop for all your Islamic needs. With Customers experience an easy way to buy Islamic things. We provide a platform where both the small-scale and large-scale, producers and vendors can enjoy equal opportunities in sale. Vendors sell products with customers directly through our website. Our category are Books, Prayer Items, Rugs, Attar, Islamic Gifts and a complete range of Islamic products. Our aim to increase category in coming year. has Islamic books ranging across categories such as Holy Quran, Ahadith/Sunnah, Surah Yaseen, Panj Surahs, Salah & Dua, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),Islamic Literature, Hajj & Umrah, Dawah & Comparative Religion, Aakhirah (Life & Death),Islamic Biographies, Great Muslim Thinkers, Islamic History, Islamic Marriage & Family, Islamic Law & Sharia, Islamic Fiqh, Islamic Education, Islamic Medicine, Islam & Dreams, Islamic Philosophy, Islam & Economy, Islam & Science, Islam & World, Woman & Islam, Children & Islam, Youth & Islam, Islamic Quiz, Islamic Charts, Islamic Items, Muslim Cooking Recipes, Language Learning, Dictionaries, Islamic Travelogue etc Apart from Islamic books we have one of the largest collection of urdu books across categories such as Afsana (Fiction), Gair Afsanwi (Non Fiction), Shayari (Poetry), Adabi Uloom (Literature), Sarguzisht (Biographies), Culinary Books, General Knowledge, Health & Fitness, Family & Relationships, Art & Culture, Politics, Humour etc Moreover we have a unique Books on Demand section where our customers can order any books which they do not find on our online book store and we promise to get it for them. – Your one stop destination for all your Islamic needs 

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